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The Tutors

Hi, my name is Nick Faber. I co-founded The Office Tutoring with my brother Tim to supply affordable education on a professional level in the city of Edinburgh. I have multiple years experience in tutoring in the subjects of mathematics and physics. I have a bachelor and a master in physics and am currently undertaking a second master in the field of renewable energy at the University of Edinburgh. 
Hi everybody! My name is Tim, and I am like my brother Nick from the Netherlands. I have studied applied and mathematical physics and currently here in Edinburgh for a second MSc. I have taught several courses in university and tutored students to pass their exams. I know physics and mathematics can be very hard to understand. An ineffective way of teaching can demotivate you. This is why we set up this institute. We want to change this, provide good education for a fair price, and help you in a personal and effective way to achieve your goals.  If you need support on your studies, or just have a burning question about life in general, don’t hesitate to call me!
Hi, my name is James Robinson, I am studying an MSc, Energy, Society and Sustainability at the University of Edinburgh. I have an undergraduate degree in geography which I can tutor in specific areas including energy systems, GIS and coastal/mountainous environments. I can also teach the use of Ableton music production software for beginners. 
Hi! My name is Svět, and I'm a final year biomedical sciences student at the University of Edinburgh. I started tutoring in highschool (chemistry) and have continued teaching ever since! One such experiences was in Thailand, where I taught full-time as a volunteer in highschool for 2 months, several years ago. Not only have I taught in schools, but I also loved teaching Bhangra dance (a North Indian folk dance) for the university society biweekly last year. I am looking forward to seeing how this project goes!
Howdy, my name is Andrew Womer. I am from Washington D.C. and am currently undertaking my 4th year as an Economics and Politics student at the University of Edinburgh. Previously I have tutored in History and English to secondary school students and have a strong foundation in economic analysis and essay writing. Whilst at university I also ran the Healthcare Sector for the Edinburgh University Trading and Investment Club, and play on the tennis team.
Hi, my name is Francisco Couto, and I have been studying Economics for as long as I can remember. I have also been tutoring undergraduate Economics for a while: I have been both a Student Tutor and a Teaching Assistant with the School of Economics for the past 2 years, so I know the stuff inside-out. I also had the chance to apply Economics in professional settings, having interned with Frontier Economics and Inter-Risco Private Equity during the summer breaks.
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